Sunday, March 30, 2014

Will you make me quack like a duck? Hypnosis for habit change.

You can quack if you want to, but most people who ask me about hypnosis are wondering if it can really help them break habits that are causing problems in their life...smoking, over-eating...or get over fears such as of flying, driving certain roads, etc.  The answer is a resounding yes, if you really want to change. Because here's the deal: No one can hypnotize you to do anything you really don't want to do.

So who wouldn't want to quit smoking, especially here in Asheville, where unhealthy habits can make you a social outcast?  People walk past smokers fanning their hands in front of their faces to make the smell go away, and they make sure you see them doing it.

If it were just about nicotine addiction, anyone could quit smoking on their own. The nicotine is gone in about three days...make it to day four, and you'd be free and clear. But in reality, the tobacco is the least difficult part of the addiction.

Sometimes a person will pick up smoking as a teenager, as part of the process of rebellion. It's something they can control, it flaunts their independence, and is the perfect accessory to accompany the sexy/cool indifference pose teenagers are so good at.

Fast-forward twenty years.  Real life has settled in, bringing with it a not-so-glamorous job, and maybe some kids and a mortgage. Going outside for that smoke break might look like giving in to the nicotine addiction, but unconsciously it might feel like smoking means there's still a little bit of that sexy/cool/indifferent rebel under the surface.

So that's one reason I think it's really important to do hypnosis with a licensed clinical professional . Someone who has just taken an on-line course or a weekend training is not going to have the skills  needed to go beneath the surface, and to support you if deeper issues arise.